Trattoria Le Fontanelle, Gallipoli / Галлиполи

some members of the family owning Le Fontanelle

some members of the family owning Le Fontanelle

Trattoria Le Fontanelle is a restaurant where all the meals are based on seafood and fish. And if you want to eat the most fresh seafood for prices a little bit lower than average, you should come here. All the personnel of this restaurant are the members of family, from chef to fishers (so the lower prices come from this, as they don’t have to buy seafood and fish), and everything you will eat here has been caught the same day you come. Continue reading

Festivals in June / Фестивали в июне

In order to organize better your free time and evenings during your vacation in Salento in June here are festivals, fairs, feasts and shows:

Borgoinfesta, from May 31 to June 2. The eco-cultural festival in Borgagne, created by around three hundred volunteers of Ngracalati. This year the theme of Borgoinfesta is “Mediterranean Roots”, those related to culture, traditions, gastronomy, monumental trees, music, dance, arts, crafts, theater, cooking, solidarity.  From May 31 to June 2, the square of St. Anthony in Borgagne, completely restored, will be the heart of the party. The Church Chiesa Madre and the Clock Tower , reborn with the fresco of St. Anthony, will be the splendid frame for musicians and dancers in the common search for an emotional involvement.

June 2, Antiques Market in Otranto. Exhibition of antique objects, object of hobbies and collecting. Address: Embankment of Heroes (Lungomare degli Eroi), from 8 am to sunset. Continue reading

Essentiae del Salento, Handmade liqueur production / Непромышленное производство ликеров

amaro ulivo

amaro ulivo

This time I would like to introduce you liqueurs Essentiae del Salento. As I already wrote previously, there is a tradition in Italy to finish the dinner by liqueurs, that’s why there is a great number of liqueurs produced in Italy, and of course in Salento. Obviously many of them are industrial, and as a lover of organic and natural food and drinks, I decided to present you high-quality handmade and supremely natural liqueurs that are produced in accordance with the traditional recipes of Salento and following antique procedures of preparation. It is an absolutely natural handmade product, prepared exclusively with selected fresh and natural ingredients, without flavorings, additives, coloring and preservatives. Continue reading

Masseria-Restaurant Le Stanzie, heritage of Salento / Массерия-ресторан Le Stanzie, наследие Саленто

masseria Le Stanzie

masseria Le Stanzie

A symbol of the culture and civilization of Salento, Le Stanzie is one of the most representative farm structures (masserie) of sixteenth century in Salento. Placed among rolling hills that surround the landscape of Supersano, this old farmhouse in the past has been a point of reference for having a rest for travelers and pilgrims who during the long and laborious journeys stopped in this place to refresh themselves, to have a hot meal and a well deserved rest before resuming the journey.

millsLe Stanzie takes its name from an ancient Roman Statius, since it is located at the center of important crossroads between the “antique way of oil” that linked the ports of Otranto and Gallipoli and the “way of the pilgrims”, the route used by every Christian who went on pilgrimage from San Michele Gargano to Santa Maria di Leuca. Continue reading

The Parade of Horses in Leverano / Парад лошадей в Леверано

sfilata-dei-cavalliThe Parade of Horses (Sfilata dei Cavalli) will take place in Leverano, May 26 (In case of bad weather the Parade will be postponed till next Sunday, June 2).

For one day, the town known for wine, olive oil and flowers, will be transformed in an equestrian carousel with horses, ponies, waggons and cabriolets. The Parade will start at 17:30 in Otranto street (via Otranto) till the awards granting at 21:00 in the park (villa comunale). Continue reading

CityModa in Bari and Lecce / CityModa в Бари и Лечче



I personally made shopping many times in CityModa, I like its unusual conception: the centre doesn’t consist of shops, but of many different boutiques-corners, some corners are represented each by one selected brand, and some corners are represented by mix of brands. In CityModa in Lecce there is a bar (also in Bari), games room for children in the centre, and next to it there is gym and supermarket. There is also another centre outside of Apulia, in Abruzzo region, Spoltore (Pescara). Continue reading

Scooter and bike rentals / Прокат скутеров и велосипедов

Santa Maria di Leuca /Санта Мариа ди Леука

Noleggio Cordella

C.Colombo embankment / Набережная К.Коломбо (Lungomare C.Colombo)

Here you can rent a scooter, a car, a bike (but also taxi service) / Прокат скутеров, машин, велосипедов (также услуги такси) Continue reading