Video of Roca Vecchia near Grotta della Poesia / Видео Рока Веккья и Гротта делла Поэзия

Here is a beautiful video by Carlo Ricchiuto of Roca Vecchia near Grotta della Poesia. Roca Vecchia is situated between San Foca and Torre dell’Orso near Melendugno, with the sixteen-century watchtower and Grotta della Poesia (a cavity carved by the sea over the centuries) it is very popular with tourists and locals.

Красивое видео морского побережья Рока Веккья рядом с Гротта делла Поэзия, снятое Карло Риккьюто. Roca Vecchia расположена между Сан-Фока и Торре делль Орсо рядом с Мелендуньо, благодаря сторожевой башне шестнадцатого века  (присутствующей на видео ниже) и Гротта делла Поэзия, это место очень популярно среди туристов и местных жителей. Continue reading

Galatina and Castle of Corigliano / Галатина и замок в Корильяно д’Отранто

the castle

the castle

Corigliano d’Otranto is mostly known for its Castello de’ Monti, which is an amazing example of medieval military and feudal architecture, the castle was totally renovated and expanded between 1514 and 1519 by Giovan Battista de’ Monti in order to correspond to war situation and military arts of that times. It is entirely surrounded by the moat and has a square form with round towers on each of 4 corners. The facade and the entrance were subsequently embellished in baroque style by the duke Francesco Trane, who became the new owner of the castle in the middle of 1600. Nowadays this castle is possible not only to visit, but also to dine and have a drink on the top of it in the evening, enjoying the beautiful view and the unreal magic atmosphere of this fascinating place full of history, culture and art, where you can easily imagine how was the life of knights and dames centuries ago. I encourage everybody to have such a wonderful experience. Continue reading

Beach wedding in Salento / Пляжная свадебная церемония в Саленто

beach wedding

Most people will agree that the most romantic and beautiful wedding is having the ceremony on the beach. When I thought of the beach wedding, I imagined the sunset, the soft sand, the sea breeze, the summer party atmosphere so different from the classic traditional reception in the restaurant. And when I had the possibility to attend such ceremony, the reality was much more picturesque than my image of it. It was absolutely the most poetic, fascinating, in some way exotic, and dreamy wedding I have ever seen in my life… Continue reading