Lido Pineta – the perfect beach for parents and children / идеальный пляж для родителей и детей


Lido Pineta is the sandy beach of Marina di Ugento, which includes free beach and equipped beach, the bar and picnic tables. It is perfect for families with children because it has the bar-restaurant and picnic tables in the shadow of the pine forest (pineta means pinewood in English), which is perfect especially when you want to spend the whole day near the sea and not to expose yourself and your family to the sun during the hottest hours. Continue reading

Trattoria Tatanka and sea caves near Leuca / Траттория Tatanka и морские пещеры возле Леуки


Trattoria Tatanka is situated near Santa Maria di Leuca, coastal road Gallipoli-Leuca. It has a summer terrace with magnificent peaceful panorama of the sea (the part of the sea coast full of sea caves and yachts), and somehow I always feel like a heroine of the movie there:) (I don’t know why, but this is the association I have about Tatanka, and maybe that’s why I like it so much, I mean there are not so many places that make you feel like you are in the film:)) Continue reading

Acquapark Splash / Аквапарк Splash

the view from the top of water attraction

the view from the top of water attraction

Acquapark Splash is located close to Gallipoli, it is also situated just near the sea, so when you go up the water attractions you can also enjoy the beautiful sea panorama… This place is really perfect to spend a day of relaxation and fun, there are lots of swimming pools (with different water level, so that even the youngest children can take a bath), so you can take sunbath, refresh yourself in the swimming pool, enjoy water attractions, do water gymnastics (aquagym) and participate in foam party… There are animators, djs, great music, bars and restaurants. Continue reading

Fantastic day in San Gregorio / Фантастический день в Сан Грегорио


Very calm sea, hot sunny day, perfect for yachting and sailing, and a fantastic place – San Gregoio, just look at the pictures, the words are needless…

Очень спокойное море, жаркий солнечный день, идеальный для яхтинга и морских прогулок, и фантастическое место – Сан Грегорио, просто посмотрите на фотографии, слова излишни… Continue reading

Punta della Suina, Gallipoli beach / пляж Галлиполи

lidoPunta della Suina is located near Gallipoli, between Picador beach and Lido Pizzo beach areas. The beach itself has the sandy parts and rocky parts, and the mixture of sand and rocks. There is also a pinewood near the beach, where you can relax and refresh from the hot sun. The beach is famous for the turquoise color of water, it is also possible to see Gallipoli itself, its old town and St.Andrea island from the beach.

Even Sienna Miller and Jude Law being in vacation in Salento visited Lido Punta della Suina Continue reading

Fantastic Ostuni / Потрясающий Остуни

ostuni cardOstuni is called Citta Bianca (white city), as everything in its historical centre is painted in white color, the city walls, the buildings, the stairs, the monuments… Ostuni is a panoramic city, as it is situated up on the hill, so be prepared to walk up and down the streets of Ostuni when you visit this wonderful city. Ostuni has received Blue Flag from 2008 to 2013, and five sails (le cinque vele) of Legambiente (an Italian environmentalist association with roots in the anti-nuclear movement) for the cleanness of the water of its coast and for the quality of the services offered. Continue reading

Protected marine reserve Torre Guaceto / Охраняемый морской заповедник Торре Гуачето

torre guaceto beachTorre Guaceto is a protected marine area in a nature reserve, which is situated in the province of Brindisi on Adriatic coast. To arrive there we took the exit Torre Guaceto – Punta Penna Grossa from the highway SS379 Bari-Brindisi, and arrived to the parking area, from where the tourist train took us to the beach area. Continue reading