The coast of Salento / Побережье Саленто

Here is an amazing video of the coastal beauty of Salento: from breathtaking Localita Ciolo to scenic Leuca, from white sands of Torre San giovanni, Torre Vado and Torre Mozza to the stunning rocky coast of San Gregorio and natural pool Marina Serra! Are you still doubting where you should have vacation this summer? 🙂

Захватывающее дух видео прибрежных красот Саленто: от головокружительного Localita Ciolo до панорамной Леуки, от белых песков Торре Сан Джованни, Торре Моцца и Торре Вадо до великолепного скалистого побережья Сан Грегорио и природного бассейна Марина Серра! Вы все еще сомневаетесь где провести летний отпуск в этом году? 🙂

Apulia as a luxury travel destination / Апулия – люксовое туристическое направление

Bora-bora beach

Bora-bora beach

Apulia corresponds to the main trends in luxury travel of 2014, becoming more and more popular as a luxury travel destination.

A desire for authentic experiences has recently become the key motivator for choosing the travel destination. Striving to discover new territories or to rediscover destinations that have been already visited, tourists want to have an active holiday and a close interaction with the local people, nature, culture and traditions. Seeking to be participants and to experience something real and true is one of the top reasons behind their travel choices. And here Apulia is a perfect match. Continue reading

Apulia is among must-see places in 2014 by National Geographic / National Geographic рекомендует посетить Апулию в 2014 году

NGTNational Geographic Traveller published a list of must-see places to visit in new 2014 year, to sum up what is mostly in demand by travellers in the whole world: the authentic places with rich history and culture, genuine nature and traditions. So, it is not at all a surprise that Apulia has entered that list, at this region of Itay is truly unique. NGT also share some tips for travelling to Apulia, giving an advice to visit it in September-October (I would add also April-June and September) when there are fewer tourists around. The magazine calls Alberobello as ‘the fairytale landscape’ for its ‘fanciful trulli’. Continue reading

10.11.2013, wineries of Italy are open for degustations of young wine / Винодельни Италии открыты для дегустаций молодого вина


The San Martino holiday is a national Italian festival of young wine, a long-expected by enotourists and local wine lovers autumn event, celebrated on 11th of November. People of Apulia celebrate the ritual at home in the company of family and friends, consuming in abundance roasted meat and chestnuts with liters of young wine, which is called ‘vino novello’ in Italian.

Instead on Sunday, 10th of November, from 10:00 till 22:00 there will be the day of wineries open for San Martino holiday, ‘Cantine Aperte a San Martino’, organised by Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia (Apulian Wine Tourism Movement), the wineries in all parts of Italy will be open for all interested in discovering the wines of the new vintage. Continue reading

Lecce is candidate city for European Capital of Culture 2019 / Лечче – город-кандидат на Европейскую столицу культуры 2019


European Capital of Culture is the project of European Union and the idea of Melina Mercouri, the aim of the project is to make even closer the European citizens and to highlight the diversity and richness of culture in various cities of Europe in order to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the community ‘united in diversity’ in accordance to the motto of EU, raising the awareness of common history and values of Europeans. From 1985 the Council of Ministers of the EU annually designates the candidate cities for this prestigious title, which not only attracts attention of tourists, media and insiders, but also favours to positive changes and improvement of the city itself, reinforcing its identity, giving the opportunity for growth to public administrations, and encouraging people to have an active role in cultural development of their city. Continue reading

Beach wedding in Salento / Пляжная свадебная церемония в Саленто

beach wedding

Most people will agree that the most romantic and beautiful wedding is having the ceremony on the beach. When I thought of the beach wedding, I imagined the sunset, the soft sand, the sea breeze, the summer party atmosphere so different from the classic traditional reception in the restaurant. And when I had the possibility to attend such ceremony, the reality was much more picturesque than my image of it. It was absolutely the most poetic, fascinating, in some way exotic, and dreamy wedding I have ever seen in my life… Continue reading

Amazing sky view video of Salento / Захватывающие виды Саленто с высоты полета

SalentoinBus, bus connection / Автобусное соединение

SalentoinBusAs I already wrote  in some other posts, having a car while your vacation in Salento is essential, because the beauty of nature, the fun and entertainment, the culture, history and cuisine is spread all around Salento and it is just a pity to come to Salento and to spend the whole vacation in one place and not to see at least some part of what Salento has to offer… That’s why a car can make your vacation in Salento much more interesting and will give you the possibility to learn, experience and enjoy Salento to the fullest. And for those who prefer public transport to a car, there is service SalentoinBus in the province of Lecce from 25/06/2013 al 05/09/2013.  Continue reading

The sales have begun!!!! / Сезон скидок начался!!!!

discountsFinally, the long-awaited period of sales and discounts has begun this weekend in the whole Italy, including Salento and Puglia. Starting from 20-40% discounts and finishing with 70% discounts. Continue reading