Lecce is candidate city for European Capital of Culture 2019 / Лечче – город-кандидат на Европейскую столицу культуры 2019


European Capital of Culture is the project of European Union and the idea of Melina Mercouri, the aim of the project is to make even closer the European citizens and to highlight the diversity and richness of culture in various cities of Europe in order to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the community ‘united in diversity’ in accordance to the motto of EU, raising the awareness of common history and values of Europeans. From 1985 the Council of Ministers of the EU annually designates the candidate cities for this prestigious title, which not only attracts attention of tourists, media and insiders, but also favours to positive changes and improvement of the city itself, reinforcing its identity, giving the opportunity for growth to public administrations, and encouraging people to have an active role in cultural development of their city. Continue reading