The coast of Salento / Побережье Саленто

Here is an amazing video of the coastal beauty of Salento: from breathtaking Localita Ciolo to scenic Leuca, from white sands of Torre San giovanni, Torre Vado and Torre Mozza to the stunning rocky coast of San Gregorio and natural pool Marina Serra! Are you still doubting where you should have vacation this summer? 🙂

Захватывающее дух видео прибрежных красот Саленто: от головокружительного Localita Ciolo до панорамной Леуки, от белых песков Торре Сан Джованни, Торре Моцца и Торре Вадо до великолепного скалистого побережья Сан Грегорио и природного бассейна Марина Серра! Вы все еще сомневаетесь где провести летний отпуск в этом году? 🙂

Enchanting Leuca / Обворожительная Леука

Villa Mellacqua

Villa Mellacqua

Santa Maria di Leuca is small but very fascinating town, where there is a lot to see. I would divide it in two parts, the first is where there is the basilica and lighthouse, which also has magnificent panoramic view as it is situated in the area above the promontory, and the second part is where there are the Christopher Colombo embankment, the port and the town itself. Continue reading