Il Bacaro Restaurant, Lecce / Ресторан Il Bacaro, Лечче


The restaurant and steakhouse Il Bacaro is mostly famous for its foreign meat dishes like Brazilian picanha or Argentina and USA Angus, but I would say that this place has the biggest and fullest menu I have ever seen. Really, from all kinds of meat and fish to pasta and risottos, both traditional and exotic, with a great choice of starters, side dishes and desserts, and wine menu that includes the best Italian wines and many international ones, all this makes you want to come back here again and again 🙂 Continue reading

Sunny Lecce / Солнечный Лечче

Basilica Santa Croce

Basilica Santa Croce

Lecce is situated in the heart of Salento, and it is so called capital of ‘the heel’ of Italy. When you enter its historic centre through one of the three gates (The Triumphal Arch – also called Porta Napoli (Neapolitan Gate), Porta San Biagio and Porta Rudiae), you can’t stop walking until you see all of it:) Under the bright sunlight Lecce seems a golden city, thanks to “pietra leccese” (Lecce stone) – local limestone, which is easy to process and with time it gets a beautiful golden hue. It is also called The Florence of the South due to numerous Baroque architectural monuments, the city is more than 2,000 years old and it has deep Greek roots, as it was founded by the Messapii Italic tribe. Continue reading