Trattoria Tatanka and sea caves near Leuca / Траттория Tatanka и морские пещеры возле Леуки


Trattoria Tatanka is situated near Santa Maria di Leuca, coastal road Gallipoli-Leuca. It has a summer terrace with magnificent peaceful panorama of the sea (the part of the sea coast full of sea caves and yachts), and somehow I always feel like a heroine of the movie there:) (I don’t know why, but this is the association I have about Tatanka, and maybe that’s why I like it so much, I mean there are not so many places that make you feel like you are in the film:)) Continue reading

Località Ciolo, Gagliano del Capo

jump from the rock

jump from the rock

One of the most beautiful places in Salento, which gives two different ways of spending time. In summer it is great place for swimming and taking sunbath, the water is crystal-clear and fresh here, as natural spring water arrives from the headlands, you can do snorkeling, as there are several sea caves and different underwater rock formations… To access the small shingle beach, you should take the stairs leading from the bridge down to the beach, which is usually very crowded in July-August. Continue reading