Luxury brands in Apulia / Люксовые бренды в Апулии


LV in Bari

Some people may think that in Italy it is possible to buy luxury brands only in big cities of centre and north of Italy, instead I want to show you that it is not so, that all the luxury brands are present in Apulia, and one can have a very interesting and productive shopping here. In this post I will list the shops/outlets/boutiques where the most important and valuable luxury brands are introduced. And if I don’t mention any brand you are exactly searching for here in Apulia, just write in the comment which brand you are looking for, and I will try to find it and give you all the information….


Кто-то может подумать, что в Италии можно купить люксовые бренды только в крупных городах в центре и на севере Италии, а на самом деле это не так, потому что все люксовые бренды присутствуют в Апулии, и можно устроить себе очень интересный и продуктивный шоппинг. В этом посте я перечислю магазины / аутлеты / бутики, где присутствуют самые важные и ценные люксовые бренды. И если в этом списке не будет упоминаться какая-либо из марок, которую вы хотели бы найти в Апулии, просто напишите в комментариях какой именно бренд вы ищете, и я постараюсь найти его и предоставить вам всю информацию… Continue reading

CityModa in Bari and Lecce / CityModa в Бари и Лечче



I personally made shopping many times in CityModa, I like its unusual conception: the centre doesn’t consist of shops, but of many different boutiques-corners, some corners are represented each by one selected brand, and some corners are represented by mix of brands. In CityModa in Lecce there is a bar (also in Bari), games room for children in the centre, and next to it there is gym and supermarket. There is also another centre outside of Apulia, in Abruzzo region, Spoltore (Pescara). Continue reading

Outlet Village Molfetta, Bari / Бари

molfetta-outletOutlet Village Molfetta is one of the most important shopping destinations in Salento, Puglia and even the whole Southern Italy. It is located near the town of Molfetta and is only 20 km far from Bari. For those who love to shop in the outlets with a wide assortment of items, Outlet Village Molfetta is the chance to go shopping in over 140 stores saving on items from the best brands of clothing, footwear, luggage, cosmetics and much more. The total area of the commercial area is 40,000 sq m. Continue reading

Shopping in Salento / Шоппинг в Саленто

shoppingMany people associate Italy with shopping, of course Rome and Milan are the paradise for shopping, but also Salento has a lot to offer… as well as in all other parts of Italy, each little town and even village of peninsula has many shops of different brands, not speaking of bigger towns and cities, full of big shopping centers, fashion boutiques, outlets and malls… So you can make your vacation in Salento even more interesting and spectacular, of course if you like shopping. If you also want to get big discounts, like 50% and sometimes even 70%, you should know that in Italy it is possible twice a year: from first weekend of January till the end of January-beginning of February, and from the first weekend of July till the end of July. Isn’t it great?:) Continue reading