Il Baccante wine shop bar, Gallipoli / Винный бар Il Baccante, Галлиполи

mixed platter

An accidental find while having a walk along the main avenue of Gallipoli, wine bar Il Baccante surprised me with its welcoming atmosphere. In a search of a lovely place, where it is possible to listen to live music and drink a cocktail or a good wine, we came across this wine bar, which immediately gave a nice impression. Its interior is made in winery style, it seemed that we entered a wine cellar, with wooden shelves all full of different kind of wines. There is a bar at the entrance and the tables around and behind it. The atmosphere invites you to relax with the dim lights inside. Continue reading

Peperoncino Restaurant, Rivabella (Gallipoli)

with glass of prosecco

with glass of prosecco

I personally like Peperoncino Restaurant for two reasons, wonderful atmosphere and elegant interior. There are not so many restaurants in the south of Italy that pay attention to these criteria, they care only about quality of food and about numbers (the quantity of clients), that is why many of them look like a simple canteen. In Peperoncino instead, the atmosphere is totally different, dim lights, great relaxing popular music (not too loud), there are several sofas, beautiful interior in red color, and everybody receives a glass of prosecco  (Italian sparkling wine) on arrival. Continue reading

Charming Gallipoli / Очаровательный Галлиполи

centro storicoGallipoli is practically an island town, as it is almost totally surrounded by the sea. This town is ‘alive’ not only in summer, but all year round, and it has it all: the port, the dreamy beaches (from sandy to rocky), the night life (including open air disco), relax (there is Splash Aquapark near the town), festivals, shopping and history. Gallipoli is situated on the Ionian sea coast, and it is divided in two parts, the old town (historic centre) and the mainland, and these two parts are connected by the 16th century bridge. Continue reading

Vesuvio Restaurant, Gallipoli

20130329_215742I knew that whenever you come to Vesuvio Restaurant, it is always full. And after visiting it, I understood why. First of all, it has a large parking area, so you don’t have to search for half an hour for a place to park your car in Gallipoli, and there is outdoor and indoor space (for each season). Vesuvio is also pizzeria, and the specialty here is one meter pizza (it is possible to order a quarter (which will be already enough for two) or half metre of pizza). We ordered antipasti (there is possibility to choose from menu or from table of antipasti), risotto with seafood and pizza al metro, everything was very tasty and absolutely fresh (which is very important in case of seafood), the prices you can see on the photo of menu, it seemed to me a good quality price ratio. Continue reading