Apulia as a luxury travel destination / Апулия – люксовое туристическое направление

Bora-bora beach

Bora-bora beach

Apulia corresponds to the main trends in luxury travel of 2014, becoming more and more popular as a luxury travel destination.

A desire for authentic experiences has recently become the key motivator for choosing the travel destination. Striving to discover new territories or to rediscover destinations that have been already visited, tourists want to have an active holiday and a close interaction with the local people, nature, culture and traditions. Seeking to be participants and to experience something real and true is one of the top reasons behind their travel choices. And here Apulia is a perfect match. Continue reading

Walking On Sunshine musical filmed in Apulia / Киносъемка мюзикла Walking On Sunshine в Апулии

‘Walking On Sunshine’ musical by Vertigo Films and Eagle Pictures was filmed in Apulia. To be more exact, mostly Salento was the beautiful background for this funny and engaging musical with Leona Lewis, a British popstar,  as a one of the protagonists. The entire shooting, from the beginning to the end, took place in Apulia, the film will be in cinemas this summer from June 13. Don’t miss a chance to see the splendid Apulia region in all its beauty while listening to the wonderful music, including hits of the 80’s.

Here is the tralier, enjoy!

Мюзикл ‘Walking On Sunshine’ – производство Vertigo Films и Eagle Pictures – был снят в Апулии. Если быть более точным, в основном область Саленто послужила красивым фоном для этого комедийного и увлекательного мюзикла с Леоной Льюис, британской поп-звездой, в роли одной из главных героинь. Вся киносъемка, от начала до конца, состоялась в Апулии, фильм выйдет в кинотеатрах этим летом с 13 июня. Не упустите шанс увидеть великолепный регион Апулия во всей его красе во время прослушивания замечательной музыки, в том числе хитов 80-х.

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