Masseria Santa Lucia under the stars / Массерия Santa Lucia под звездным небом

me322nd of June the event ‘Masserie sotto le stelle’ (masserias under the stars) took place in didactic masserias of Salento and Puglia, and we chose Masseria Santa Lucia (Alessano, province of Lecce) from the list of masserias proposed. Continue reading


22/06/2013 Masserias under the stars / Массерии под звездами / Masserie sotto le stelle

didactic masserias of Lecce province

didactic masserias of Lecce province

If you are in Apulia / Salento on June 22, you wouldn’t want to miss this event. For one night the Didactic Masserias in Puglia and Salento will come to life in the glow of the stars: a special ‘white night’ among didactic workshops, naturalistic routes, singing, dancing and many other activities, to discover the charm of rural localities, traditions and goodness of flavors of Apulia and Salento. Continue reading