Scooter ride along the Ionian coast / Поездка на скутере вдоль Ионического побережья

Lido Conchiglie

Lido Conchiglie

Have you ever tried a one day scooter trip along the coast, stopping in different places/beaches, having a swim, and continue to move? It is a real fun!!! We departed from Torre del Pizzo and arrived till Torre Lapillo, with stops in Rivabella, Santa Maria al Bagno, Lido Conchiglie, Santa Caterina, Porto Selvaggio, Torre Uluzzo, Porto Cesareo and Torre Lapillo (which goes soon after Porto Cesareo). Continue reading


Zoo Safari Fasano / Зоопарк-сафари Фазано

giraffFirst of all it is great to see a zoo, where animals are not in the cages. Another thing I liked about Fasano zoo safari, is that it has also amusement park there, which is great if you want to spend the whole day there, especially with children… It is amazing that you can even touch all kind of animals (apart predators of course), as you enter their territory with your car, and they even come to the windows of your vehicle, as most of them are very curious and are not afraid of people, and they also think you are going to feed them (there are even nuts for sale outside the park). Continue reading