Lido Pizzo / Punta della Suina


Actually this is the second post dedicated to Punta della Suina, but there is a good reason for this. We did explore it better, and we can tell now without doubts that it is a real paradise on earth. Continue reading

Punta della Suina, Gallipoli beach / пляж Галлиполи

lidoPunta della Suina is located near Gallipoli, between Picador beach and Lido Pizzo beach areas. The beach itself has the sandy parts and rocky parts, and the mixture of sand and rocks. There is also a pinewood near the beach, where you can relax and refresh from the hot sun. The beach is famous for the turquoise color of water, it is also possible to see Gallipoli itself, its old town and St.Andrea island from the beach.

Even Sienna Miller and Jude Law being in vacation in Salento visited Lido Punta della Suina Continue reading

Le Cinque Vele Beach, Pescoluse / Le Cinque Vele Пляж, Песколузе

Red umbrellas

Red umbrellas

Lido Le Cinque Vele, Pescoluse

Coastal road S.M. di Leuca – Gallipoli / Прибрежная дорога Леука – Галлиполи

Marina di Salve (Marine of Salve / Морское побережье Сальве) Continue reading

Scooter ride along the Ionian coast / Поездка на скутере вдоль Ионического побережья

Lido Conchiglie

Lido Conchiglie

Have you ever tried a one day scooter trip along the coast, stopping in different places/beaches, having a swim, and continue to move? It is a real fun!!! We departed from Torre del Pizzo and arrived till Torre Lapillo, with stops in Rivabella, Santa Maria al Bagno, Lido Conchiglie, Santa Caterina, Porto Selvaggio, Torre Uluzzo, Porto Cesareo and Torre Lapillo (which goes soon after Porto Cesareo). Continue reading