Polignano a Mare / Полиньяно а Маре

balconyPolignano a Mare is situated out of Salento, but still in Apulia, and it is too beautiful and enchanting to not be mentioned in here 🙂 Located near Bari, it is one of the favorite holiday destinations not only for Apulians, but also for the tourists from the whole world. Actually, this is one of the few places in Apulia with the strong presence of Russian speaking tourists, the other two are Porto Cesareo and Bari, to my knowledge.


Well, the most impressing thing about Polignano is the beautiful panoramas. Being like a platform of rocky cliffs, this fascinating town has so-called scenic terraces, high above the sea level. They are like balconies overlooking the Adriatic sea all along the coast of Polignano a Mare, full of marvelous colorful sea caves. Continue reading

The sales have begun!!!! / Сезон скидок начался!!!!

discountsFinally, the long-awaited period of sales and discounts has begun this weekend in the whole Italy, including Salento and Puglia. Starting from 20-40% discounts and finishing with 70% discounts. Continue reading

Enchanting Leuca / Обворожительная Леука

Villa Mellacqua

Villa Mellacqua

Santa Maria di Leuca is small but very fascinating town, where there is a lot to see. I would divide it in two parts, the first is where there is the basilica and lighthouse, which also has magnificent panoramic view as it is situated in the area above the promontory, and the second part is where there are the Christopher Colombo embankment, the port and the town itself. Continue reading

Boat trip from Otranto to Acquaviva Creek / ВОДНАЯ ПРОГУЛКА ИЗ ОТРАНТО ДО БУХТЫ АКВАВИВА

Santa Cesarea Terme

Santa Cesarea Terme

One day boat trip in opposite direction, departing from Otranto port to Insenatura Acquaviva, is one more way to enjoy Salento. During this trip the important places to stop and to enjoy swimming and snorkeling are Capo D’Otranto,  Porto Badisco, Santa Cesarea Terme, Porto Miggiano, Grotta Zinzulusa, Castro Marina and Insenatura Acquaviva.

Continue reading

Restaurant / Ресторан Il Mulino di Alcantara, Felline

mulino di alcantaraThere are several restaurants where I always want  to come back, and the Restaurant Il Mulino di Alcantara is one of them. I even celebrated my wedding here, so you can imagine how much I like it 🙂 The restaurant is situated in the beautiful square Piazza Caduti in the old town of Felline. It has two storeys  and in summer it occupies the square itself, there is also a small terrace upstairs, for those who want more private/intimate atmosphere (especially in the evening with the candlelight).  Continue reading

Best Offer / Выгодное предложение – B&B Scoglio di Pirro

vista complessivaBest offer is launched in order to encourage the readers of the blog to choose Salento as their next vacation destination. The new page BEST OFFER has already best deals for B&B and Trattoria-Pizzeria Scoglio di Pirro.

Best Offer (выгодное предложение) запущено в целях поощрения читателей блога выбрать Саленто в качестве своего следующего места отдыха. Новая страница BEST OFFER уже включает в себя предложение B&B и траттория-пиццерия Scoglio di Pirro.

Hospitable Otranto / Гостеприимный Отранто

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

Otranto is one of my favorite towns of Salento, there is a special atmosphere around it… I love to have a walk in its historic centre (ladies, do not wear high heels for a walk in historic centre, as the roads are made of many stones, and heels may be ok, but not the high ones:)), along the streets full of souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, along the embankment always full of people, tourists from the whole world, to go down to the port through Porta a Mare (Gate to the Sea) or go up the ancient walls and to admire lovely a panorama of the sea port (when the visibility is good, it is even possible to see Albania, as it is exactly in front of Otranto)… It is beautiful also in the evening, and it becomes so romantic with lots of street lights. Continue reading

Car Rental / Прокат машины

Maybe for someone it will seem obvious, but I would still like to mention this in my blog. In order to discover Salento in the best way, you will have to rent a car. I will explain why it is so…

Here in the south of Italy, without a car you will feel like without legs:) The exception is when you stay in Bari, or Lecce, or Brindisi (the bigger cities) and you don’t have plans to go out of the city, or when you want to stay in a resort the whole vacation without leaving its territory.

The transfer and taxi services here are quite expensive, and public transport is not so developed. Instead if you want to see more of Salento, you will need a vehicle. As you may know, you can take car in one place and drop it off in different location. It will be even cheaper if you book a car in advance, and of course you will have a vaster choice of cars then.

Some details about driving laws in Italy: it is allowed 0.5 grams of alcohol per litre of blood (so let’ say it is permitted to drink 0,3 bottle of beer), seat belts front and rear are obligatory, motorcycle drivers and passengers must wear crash helmets.

Может быть, для кого-то это покажется очевидным, но я все же хотела бы озвучить это в моем блоге. Для того, чтобы раскрыть для себя Саленто наилучшим образом, необходимо взять автомобиль на прокат. Я объясню, почему… Continue reading

Boat trip from Otranto to San Foca / Водная прогулка из Отранто в Сан-Фока

One day boat trip along the Adriatic coast, departing from Otranto port to San Foca, is a must if you want to really enjoy the beauty of Salento, especially because there are so many beaches that are accessible only from the sea with boat/yacht, and not from the land… The words are not enough to describe the grace and magnificence of the nature, the dance of the sun on the crystal and aquamarine water, the pleasure of total peace and bliss felt during the whole day…coast Continue reading