Video of Roca Vecchia near Grotta della Poesia / Видео Рока Веккья и Гротта делла Поэзия

Here is a beautiful video by Carlo Ricchiuto of Roca Vecchia near Grotta della Poesia. Roca Vecchia is situated between San Foca and Torre dell’Orso near Melendugno, with the sixteen-century watchtower and Grotta della Poesia (a cavity carved by the sea over the centuries) it is very popular with tourists and locals.

Красивое видео морского побережья Рока Веккья рядом с Гротта делла Поэзия, снятое Карло Риккьюто. Roca Vecchia расположена между Сан-Фока и Торре делль Орсо рядом с Мелендуньо, благодаря сторожевой башне шестнадцатого века  (присутствующей на видео ниже) и Гротта делла Поэзия, это место очень популярно среди туристов и местных жителей. Continue reading

Boat trip from Otranto to San Foca / Водная прогулка из Отранто в Сан-Фока

One day boat trip along the Adriatic coast, departing from Otranto port to San Foca, is a must if you want to really enjoy the beauty of Salento, especially because there are so many beaches that are accessible only from the sea with boat/yacht, and not from the land… The words are not enough to describe the grace and magnificence of the nature, the dance of the sun on the crystal and aquamarine water, the pleasure of total peace and bliss felt during the whole day…coast Continue reading