Boat trip from Otranto to Acquaviva Creek / ВОДНАЯ ПРОГУЛКА ИЗ ОТРАНТО ДО БУХТЫ АКВАВИВА

Santa Cesarea Terme

Santa Cesarea Terme

One day boat trip in opposite direction, departing from Otranto port to Insenatura Acquaviva, is one more way to enjoy Salento. During this trip the important places to stop and to enjoy swimming and snorkeling are Capo D’Otranto,  Porto Badisco, Santa Cesarea Terme, Porto Miggiano, Grotta Zinzulusa, Castro Marina and Insenatura Acquaviva.

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L’Altro Baffo Restaurant, Otranto / Ресторан L’Altro Baffo, Отранто

laltro baffoThis was the first time I went to this restaurant, even if I heard a lot about it from my Italian friends, but also in tripadvisor it has a number of positive reviews. So I became curious of it:) It is located in historic centre of Otranto, very near to Aragonese castle. Approaching the restaurant you can see the menu outside (which is very common tradition in Italy, as in this way you can see the list of the meals and the prices), which also gives you an opportunity to see that the meals are quite different here from the typical meals of other restaurants. The restaurant is not big, it has small terrace upstairs, small and cozy space outside and not so bigger one inside, with refined atmosphere and totally white interior. You will be met by Alessandro (who speaks English), who will answer all your questions about menu and I guess about anything else:) we received two glasses of complementary sparkling rose wine and a treat from chef, Cristina Conte. What you notice immediately in this place is the high level of service and of the presentation of every meal, the menu is very innovative and modern.

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Hospitable Otranto / Гостеприимный Отранто

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

Otranto is one of my favorite towns of Salento, there is a special atmosphere around it… I love to have a walk in its historic centre (ladies, do not wear high heels for a walk in historic centre, as the roads are made of many stones, and heels may be ok, but not the high ones:)), along the streets full of souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, along the embankment always full of people, tourists from the whole world, to go down to the port through Porta a Mare (Gate to the Sea) or go up the ancient walls and to admire lovely a panorama of the sea port (when the visibility is good, it is even possible to see Albania, as it is exactly in front of Otranto)… It is beautiful also in the evening, and it becomes so romantic with lots of street lights. Continue reading

Boat trip from Otranto to San Foca / Водная прогулка из Отранто в Сан-Фока

One day boat trip along the Adriatic coast, departing from Otranto port to San Foca, is a must if you want to really enjoy the beauty of Salento, especially because there are so many beaches that are accessible only from the sea with boat/yacht, and not from the land… The words are not enough to describe the grace and magnificence of the nature, the dance of the sun on the crystal and aquamarine water, the pleasure of total peace and bliss felt during the whole day…coast Continue reading

How to reach Salento / Как добраться в Саленто

By plane/Самолетом:

Connections with Bari

Connections with Brindisi

These are 2 flight maps, which show all the cities that have flight connection with the airports of Bari and Brindisi. Вверху находятся ссылки на 2 карты, которые показывают все города, имеющие авиасообщение с аэропортами Бари и Бриндизи. Continue reading